Thursday, 29 January 2009

Cheese Pairings

I love cheese!

This is actually a recently new thing (about 1 year?) But I love trying new cheeses and pairing them with interesting things. I will definitely update this as I find new pairings.

I'll try to keep it different, but I'm sure I'll mention some obvious ones as well. A few of my favorites:

Bresse Blu stuffed in (or with) a dried date

Smoked Eidam (or gouda) on a slice of apple with a salted peanut

A creamy gorgonzola with a triangle of dark chocolate toblerone

Epoisses spread on a cracker with a dab of basil/tarragon mustard

Goat cheese with smoked salmon and a caper

Brynza (a milder feta) on tomatoes with a nice vinegar

I NEED HELP!!! When I was in London, I had this great, washed rind french cheese that had a fine fine layer of dark breadcrumbs on it...I totally forget what it was called, but I believe it began with a "B"...

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