Monday, 2 February 2009

Weekend Cooking

I actually cooked SEVERAL things this weekend, but didn't photograph them all. Also, some of my attempts (marrons glacees) were SOMEWHAT unsuccessful or experimental, so once I hone them I will post!!

Anyway, I recently developed an new appreciation for brussels sprouts. They're healthy, delicious, and pretty easy to cook. The only time consuming part is prep, but even that is not so bad. It's pretty relaxing to just stand there and peel and X. (I'll explain) I was fortunate enough to have the company of my cat, who kept a watchful eye on me on a chair whilst I worked. Here is my favorite way to do brussels sprouts. There's something about sprouts and blue cheese that is just DIVINE! I've occasionally thrown in some roasted chestnuts into this dish too if I have them.

Brussels sprouts with Blue cheese

2 lb (900g) brussels sprouts
75 g blue cheese
sprinkling of salt and pepper

Cut off the end of the brussls sprout and peel away any spotted leaves.
Make a shallow X (don't cut through all the way) in each brussel sprout
Lay in baking pan
Bake about 20-30 minutes on 425 F (200 C) shaking pan half way through, until tinged with brown
Place in serving bowl
Crumble blue cheese and a touch of salt and pepper over
Toss to coat

Sprouts with X'es. Is it bad that I REALLY love this picture?

Finished product. Yum.

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